All You Need For E-Plan Lodgement
Links to software & brief instructionson creating the files needed for E-Plan lodgement

A convenient way of producing tiff files for E-Plan lodgement is to install the Peernet image driver. This converts any document capable of being printed using a Windows application into serialised or multi-page TIFF images.

Click here to go to the Peernet page. They have a fully featured 30 day trial version available for download; full registration costs US$59.95.

After installing, click the Start Button, Settings, then Printers. Right click on the Peernet Pro icon, and click "Set as Default". Then right click again on the Peernet Pro icon and click "Properties".

Configuring of the output file is done here. Adjust the resolution to be 200dpi for LPI standards. For other purposes, going up to 600 dpi will improve image quality, with the penalty of a larger file size. For LPI lodgement, CCITT Group 4 compression is required, and set the size to be the same as the hard copy that would have been printed.

Peernet can create a multi-page tiff if your DP has more than one sheet. Alternatively, you can use a program like Infothek 2000 Reformat ($129 US) or IrfanView32 (freeware) to combine the tiff files for each sheet into one multi-page tiff file containing all sheets.

Download trial version of Infothek 2000 here:

Download IrfanView32 here (freeware)

After installing IrfanView, run the program, then click "View" from the menu, then "Multipage Images" then "Create Multipage TIF". Then click the "Add Images" button at the top right of the dialog box. Browse for the file you want & click OK. When you've finished adding click the "Create TIF Image" box bottom left.

For some excellent information on E-Plan, and links to electronically sign in (you'll need your registration number) go to LPI's E-Plan site.