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The Cumberland Group's major sponsor Legalco - for DPs, titles, company searches & more -

Alternatively, sign up with ACS Search - who work through Legalco -

Business Insurance - A company that is definitely worth obtaining a quote from for business insurance is Australian Better Business Insurance - . They are excellent to deal with & accept most information by phone. Apply online at their website or phone. We found their rates for commercial motor vehicles & business insurance to be highly comptetive. They will insure surveying equipment. If you use a broker you're likely to be paying much more.

LPI-NSW - Land & Property Information NSW is at and have Registrar General's Directions for Plans,
Surveyor General's Directions, SCIMS survey marks, fees for lodgements etc, and you can now electronically lodge your linen plan here.
Search Engine - The ANZWERS search engine is now powered by Google, and has the most relevant results. Easily limit searches to Australian sites.
Aerial Photos of property Sydney-Newcastle-Wollongong-Blue Mtns with the cadastre superimposed, plus Lot/DP info, measure distances on line, it's free - Planning NSW's Iplan site - click on "Run Landview", then click on the tick box to agree to the terms, click on Run Landview below, then after the Landview window opens, click on the icon at the top that resembles a magnifying glass with arrow, sixth from the left. Search on street address, lot / DP, UBD reference, or coordinates. Some areas have fairly high res aerial photos, others are fairly pixellated. See parts of North Sydney for high resolution, see trees, cars & buildings
MASH - Mapping & Surveying History International - Click here for information on surveying history
Weather - See where it is raining in Sydney - Click here for 128km radius current radar map of where it is raining in the Sydney region
Sydney Morning Herald -
Personal Investor Magazine -
White Pages Online -
Trading Post Online -
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